This edition of the famous F45 sliding panel saw features the Altendorf parallelogram cross slide with digital readout.

This configuration is the perfect machine for those workshops involved in complex joinery where mitre cutting is a regular occurrence. In addition to the parallelogram fence, it features digital rip-cut fence, Rapido scoring blade and the possibility to fit a generous 500mm main blade when the scoring blade is removed; ideal for solid wood applications.

The quality of the guidance systems guarantees the accuracy of the new parallelogram cross slide. Wear-proof needle bearings ensure precision of both linear measurement and angle. The integrated linear guide unit is responsible for the incredible ease of operation of the system, resulting in fast set up times and ergonomic efficiency.

Developed specifically for the new parallelogram cross slide, the digital display shows the distance to all stops in the new LCD display window, which has a screen size of 90 mm (diagonal). Length compensation is straightforward once the fence has been set to the required angle. The fine adjustment of the distance to the stops is accurate to 1/10 mm and the angle is shown just as with the standard parallelogram cross slide. Coupled with the new fast clamping for the fence, this reduces set up time to an absolute minimum.


Now with even more Green!

Considering the tough year businesses and economies have just experienced, the theme of this year’s LIGNA trade show was aptly "Making more out of wood", which puts the focus on technologies designed to boost resource efficiency and save on costs.

Times are changing, that’s nothing new, what is new however is the increased global attention towards cost-saving efficiency and environmentalism. Extremely meticulous in remaining at the forefront of technology whilst finding new ways to serve customer needs, Altendorf has answered the call and unveiled its new energy motor and energy-saving package to the world this year at LIGNA.

The new energy efficient Altendorf motor is designed to save up to 30% in terms of energy compared with traditional motors and is one of two new measures underlining this new commitment. The second measure is an optional energy-saving package that cuts power consumption in stand-by mode.

"As a family enterprise and technology leader, we believe we bear a particular responsibility on the resource efficiency front" explains Altendorf General Manager Andreas Ploeger."This relates both to the economic and environmental dimensions of this challenge," says Ploeger.

Energy efficiency as standard: the new Altendorf energy-saving motor

In a sliding table saw, the major power requirement comes from the drive motor of the main saw blade. With immediate effect, Altendorf is equipping every machine with an innovative energy-saving motor as part of its standard configuration. This motor brings marked energy savings in two different operating modes.

When idling, this motor saves up to 30 percent in terms of energy compared with traditional motors. This is an advantage that really adds up to meaningful savings, as empirical values from everyday operation indicate that the main motor spends a significant proportion of its time in idle mode.

However, even at a nominal load of 50 to 100 percent, when it comes to energy consumption the motor performs considerably better than conventional models, so that energy savings of between 5 and 7 percent can be achieved here too.

Another positive effect of the new energy-saving motor is an improved tilting moment, enabling the machine to generate a 15 percent increase in maximum cutting force.

The rip fence motor, too, has been redesigned to be more efficient. In idle mode it offers energy savings of up to 16.5 percent over traditional drives, and even an impressive 10 percent when sawing.

Save in stand-by mode too with the new "Energy-saving package" option

In future, Altendorf will also be offering an optional energy-saving package for every F 45 and F 45 ELMO. This feature ensures that, when in stand-by mode, the machine automatically shuts down after a period of time preset by the user.

This is a particularly significant innovation because a sliding table saw is seldom in continuous operation. However, electricity is still consumed in stand-by mode: the constantly active controllers in the operating panel, in the machine frame and on the CNC axes must be supplied with power, along with the automatic contactor control of the main drive and, in the case of machines with automatic frequency regulation (VARIO drive), the frequency inverter.

The energy-saving package ensures that such power supplies are automatically switched off if the sliding table has not been used or operated for a predefined period of time. After this freely selectable period has elapsed, the main switch automatically reverts to the "OFF" position. This minimizes power consumption when the machine is on stand-by.

But the energy-saving package offers yet another "plus": the machine controller features a new, high-quality control transformer, which offers low-loss operation and thus improved energy efficiency.

Combined advantages, combined success

"If users augment the new, standard energy-saving motor by going for the optional energy-saving package too, they can save between 20 and 25 percent of their energy-related machine costs," says Altendorf General Manager Andreas Ploeger. "Not only does this relieve the burden on their budget, it also benefits the environment, making it a doubly sensible solution."