Panel Saws

Within each Altendorf Panel Saw, both visible and invisible forces are at work. The pure mechanical engineering and dynamic design are clearly visible. What makes the overall performance so superior to other saws is less visible but always in evidence. It results from Altendorf engineers’ and employees’ inventive approach, experience and passion. They imbue their saws with these qualities, as users the whole world over know. These strengths bring with them a great feeling of trust: because it’s an Altendorf.

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Sliding Table

The Altendorf Sliding table is renowned for its smooth and exact running. This is one of the hallmarks of an Altendorf, and it all comes down to design. The table runs on large dumbbell rollers sandwiched between hard-chromed steel guide bars, guaranteeing absolute precision. The system’s large rollers ensure smooth action, meaning the table takes less effort to move and glides as securely as if it were on rails. This quality running will endure decades of heavy load bearing even in the constant presence of dust and woodchips, and it needs virtually no maintenance.

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Saw Unit

The Altendorf saw unit is the engineering heart of all our panel saws. It is a powerhouse produced with the latest manufacturing technology. The saw shaft runs incredibly smoothly: this is because it is electronically balanced as a fully assembled unit, and extensive use is made of cast components. The high precision vertical movement is linear with maintenance free guide bearings. The robust tilt quadrants incorporate the traditional Altendorf tongue and groove connection system, which allows the whole unit to tilt easily and precisely to exactly the correct angle.

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Vacuum Clamping

Optional: Those who regularly work with large panels and other awkward workpieces will appreciate the value of an effective of method of clamping the workpiece to the sliding table. Altendorf is the first to apply proven vacuum clamping technology to sliding table saws. The system, which is integrated into the sliding table itself, has at its heart a powerful vacuum pump that generates a vacuum via suction pods arranged in the sliding table. The system’s ability to fix the material in place securely on the sliding table is particularly valuable when making less straightforward cuts such as angles, long mitres and cuts to an outside dimension.

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Laser Cutting Line

Optional: The laser cutting line marker shows the cutting line clearly for all cutting lengths, which is useful when trimming or cutting marked jobs, e. g. steps. Saves time and materials.

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Coolant Spray Device

Optional: A spray device is recommended for plastics with a low melting point and for certain light metal alloys. Thousands of Altendsorf sliding table saws have already been at work for years in the plastics and metal processing industries. An Altendorf will cut non-ferrous metals and plastics cleanly, with sharp contours, to within a tenth of a millimetre.

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