Technical data

  • Tooling speed – 12,000RPM
  • Min/max. thickness of edgebanding – 0.4 – 2m
  • Min/max. panel length - 120 mm - unlimited
  • Min/max. panel width - 75 mm - unlimited
  • Min/max. panel thickness - 8-45 mm
  • Panel feeding speed - 5,5 m/min.


High quality standard

Reliability of use

Two anchorage for transport

Hold tray rolls

Optimised aspiration system. Chip centralised suction mouth.

Protection cabin. Light and strong.

Internal and lateral mechanized chain guide to improve the resistance of lateral changes.

Large white rubber pads to improve the adherence of the panels.

Pressure beam of high rigidity steel with double line of staggered wheels.

  • *Specifications are subject to change without notice.