Why Optimize with Ardis?

Increases Material Efficiency:

The sophisticated algorithm powering Ardis tries thousands of layouts before selecting the optimal result. This happens within seconds compared to the hours it would take to do by hand.

Boosts Saw Productivity:

Ardis is designed to create layouts that can be cut efficiently at the saw. Ardis can reduce the number of layouts as well as their complexity, reducing set-up and labor times.


Ardis tracks job data for you, improving organization.

Video Courtesy of Eurosoft

Product Overview

Import job data from design software, ERP/MRP, databases &
Maximize your material yield with advanced optimization algorithms
Increase saw efficiency by increasing the number of multiple sheet cycles
Print detailed reports of results, layouts, and more
Link to your saw for automated programming
Use macros and formulas to automate tasks
Modular design for easy upgrading
Software support and online implementation and start-up training included
with most packages

Inventory Management

An innovative, manufacturing oriented inventory management system for stock and scrap.

Maximizes utilization of scrap inventory
Tracks inventory locations and quantities accurately and in real-time
Vastly improves organization of scrap storage systems
Utilizes modern SQL server technology
Entire inventory is available to all stages of production without overlapping
allocation of materials
Open systems architecture allows for seamless integration with existing
Integrates fully with ARDIS optimization software and real-time parts
Includes Bluetooth label scanner, industrial stacklight and label printer

Parts Labeling

Sophisticated and powerful parts labeling solutions for automated cutting machinery.

Print part labels synchronized with production of parts at the saw
Labels are fully customizable and can include multiple barcodes, logos or
Supports multiple fonts, colors, and text sizes
Integrates fully with ARDIS optimization software and AIMS inventory
management system
Include any type of data even data imported from other software
Works on any panel saw with label printing enabled
On-demand version is available
2D barcoding functionality is available