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Complete control, evolving libraries and impressive rendering equals design limited only by your


Spazio 3D

Altendorf Asia Pacific is proud to introduce the most complete, advanced
and customisable software solution available to the Australian market.

The impressive functionality of the various packages and modules are designed to satisfy a variety of applications & industries: designers, architects, custom furniture manufacturers and
shopfitters to name a few.

Your software is modelled to your
business and budget which means
you only pay for what you need.

Completely integrated reports allows the instant creation of quotations, estimations, orders to suppliers and price lists. You can even integrate your own logo.


Everything you need to make your design a reality.
- Complete Visual generation
- Panel Optimisation
- Nesting
- Cutting Lists
- Exploded Views
- Intelligent labelling

Featured Video

Spazio3D Joinery Render Album:

A photo album of actual Spazio3D joinery-related renders.

Featured Video

Spazio3D Kitchen Render Album:

A photo album of actual Spazio3D kitchen-related renders.